Solution for Shrinkage Porosity of Aluminum Connection Base

Aluminum connection base is about 0.86kg.The size is 396x290x90mm.The structure is complex and wall thickness is not uniform.The material is AlSi9Cu3(Fe).There is oil tunnel inside so the airtightness must be very good.By X-ray checking,there are shrinkage porosity around tapping hole and air pore on surface of oil tunnel.To minimize the defect,the structure and pouring system need to be improved. We are professional die casting manufacture.Please contact us for any die casting [email protected] Whatsapp:008615022568273 There are several reasons for air pore and shrinkage [...]

Shock Tower

Casting Method for Aluminum Shock Tower

Aluminum shock tower is kind of integration of several sheet metal parts.The total weight can be reduced and precision and strength can be improved.The wall thickness of shock tower is about 3mm.Some area can be thicker or thinner upon requirement of assembly.For quality aluminum shock tower or any casting parts,please contact us Cangzhou Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd Shock Tower Three casting methods can be used for production of aluminum shock tower.Lost wax casting,low pressure casting and vacuum die casting. Lost wax casting [...]

Oil Pan

Die Casting Automobile Oil Pan

The die casting defect mainly caused by structure of die casting parts and die casting system.Good structure design and die casting system are key for qualified die casting.Our oil pan is 425x342x134mm.The material is ADC12 which is belong to Al-Si-Cu alloy.The original design is 28mm for biggest wall thickness and 3mm for smallest wall thickness.The weight is 3.5kg.The requirement is no crack,shrinkage porosity on casting surface.Airtightness requirement is non-leakage under 350kpa. We have been producing many kinds of aluminum die [...]

Aluminum Die Casting Street LED Light Housing

LED featured environmental friendly,energy saving and long life span.So it wildly used for lighting industry.The most common LED lighting housing are made via die casting.The die casting have advantage over cost,production efficiency and tight tolerance. LED street light housing As for die casting,we normally use aluminum ADC12.It is very cost effective and average properties aluminum alloy.The density of ADC12 is only about 2.7g/cm³,so there will be no problem for the weight of street LED light housing,sometimes,it is really big.By die casting,the [...]

Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold Block made by Die Casting

Hydraulic manifold block mostly are specially designed for end customers.The material of hydraulic manifold block are specified according to different work condition,function requirement.Weiheng Metal Products are specialized in customized production of aluminum hydraulic manifold block via high pressure die casting. hydraulic manifold block The pressure can be decided by various kinds of material.We can use aluminum or Q235 carbon steel if pressure no more than 21Mpa. Aluminum alloy is first choice and it featured light weight,low cost and easy for machining. We [...]

Analysis of Surface Crack of Aluminum Die Casting

During aluminum die casting manufacturing,die casting surface crack might happen the surface over thick and deep area.We need to differ suface crack from other cracks and analyze the reason why surface crack happen.We can eliminate surface crack by controlling mold temperature,release agent spray,optimizing die casting parameters.Contact us for professional die casting service. die casting surface crack Die casting featured high efficiency,simple processing,tight tolerance,lower surface roughness,high strength,which can reduce quite amount of machining and save a lot of raw material.Therefore,die casting widely [...]

How to Solve Shrinkage Porosity

Shrinkage porosity might happen during die casting parts solidification,especially for big casting with thick wall.By following methods,shrinkage porosity will be minimized to some extend.Conact us for professional die casting shrinkage porosity   1 Improve structure of die casting parts. More thicker and bigger the parts,More shrinkage porosity and the air more likely trapped inside the parts if the castings are far too big.It is useful to eliminate shrinkage porosity by reducing size and fillet conner and uniform wall thickness.If some uprising stud can [...]

High Pressure Die Casting VS Lost Foam Casting

High pressure die casting and lost foam casting are both casting methods which widely used in automobile industry,telecommucation industry,medical industry etc.Both of casting methods can produce parts with complex geometry shape at tight tolerance requirement.But they are typically used for some parts respectively.Contact Us for die casting service Lost Foam Casting lost foam casting It is quite similar to investment casting.The patterns were made by expanding polystyrene foam with special coating.The patterns need to be buried into negative pressure container and surround [...]

Analysis of Packaging Force against The Core in Die Casting

The packaging force will applied to the core during solidification stage of die casting due to alloy shrinkage.The castings still shrink at room temperature after getting off mould.The shrinkage rate is 0.4%-0.7% for die casting.This shrinkage range make designer feel hard to choose during tooling design. The packaging force is subject to draft,roughness,ejector pins layout,release agent quality,mould temperature and casting temperature.Cangzhou Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd Professional Die Casting Supplier. die casting parts Thermal expansivity of tooling steel and casting alloy are [...]

Control of Aluminum Die Casting Defect

Defects and deformation might happen for some die casting parts.The quality of die casting parts will be guaranteed by optimizing structure of die casting parts,injection system and ventilation system. Defects of aluminum die casting cover The cover was made of ADC12 and requested high density and smooth surface,no burrs.The assembly area must contact firmly.The size of die casting parts is quite big and minimum wall thickness is 5mm. There is deformation even crack caused by ejector pins on the edge of die [...]