Improve Design of Die Casting Tooling

Tooling for die casting and plastic injection are quite similar.However,some factors have to be took into consideration:Multi-Spure,Dimension of spure and runner.overflow layout,Ventilation layout,flashes disposal. Each die castings own different structure and shape,which cause potential risk during manufacturing.Therefore,some software will be useful for design of die casting tooling.3D flow simulation is most important software in die casting tooling design.Some potential risk can be found by 3D simulation software,such as sequence of filling,air trap,gas porosity etc.By compare two different design,we can analyze [...]

The factors influence quality of die casting parts

The factors influence quality of die casting parts Cooling water is necessary for die casting cold chamber die casting Water is balance between die casting machine and tooling.The oil temperature of die casting machine is key for all component of die casting machine to reach good standard.The temperature of tooling decide quality of die casting parts.Therefore,we have to control cooling water properly. Keep water clean.Particles and impurity removed from water in order to keep cooling system of die casting machine blocked. Filter water which [...]

Shot blasting for die casting aluminum parts

With development of aluminum die casting,more and more customers have higher requirement for surface finishing of aluminum die casting parts. Finishing of shot blasting on die casting aluminum parts Efficiency of shot blasting.The shot blasting can reach 110-260kg/min and 60-75m/s onto parts.As for high volume parts,more shot blasting equipment can be work at same time. Shot blasting will be used for cleaning,colour adding and decoration for surface of parts.After shot blasting,flash,particles,scratch can be removed. There will be stress concentration due to different cooling [...]

Zinc Nickel Plating

Nowadays,electroplating is widely used for metal because of its excellent corrosion resistance property.Zinc nickel  plating is kindly of latest plating method which provide nice corrosion resistance and play important role for improvement of corrosion resistance for metal. Zn and Ni both provide protection for metal.Zinc nickel plating will be nice when composition of Ni is 7%-18%.The corrosion resistance can be as three times as Zn plating.The plating layer bond on the parts firmly.The solution of plating is easily to dispose. Zinc [...]

Aluminum Alloy for Automobile

Aluminum alloy are widely used for manufacturing cars because of their excellent property and energy saving.Proportion of aluminum alloy used in structure increased over years.They are mostly used for reducing weight of automobile. Among aluminum alloy for automobile,die casting aluminum and other casting aluminum take 80% and extruded and wrought aluminum take 20% only.Among casting aluminum for automobile,die casting aluminum take about 70%,therefore,die casting aluminum take 55% of aluminum used for automobile. Aluminium Alloy Among die casting aluminum,ADC12,A360,A380 and A383 are better [...]

Shrinkage Porosity in Die Casting

The reason of shrinkage porosity is that shrinkage happen when melted alloy turn into solid from liquid.The casting become solid from inner to outer,therefor,there will be shrinkage porosity if wall thickness of casting is big. All above,it is really impossible to fully solve the gas porosity for casting that have big wall thickness. shrinkage porosity To remove shrinkage porosity,it necessary to decrease thermo joint of casting and fillet edge of casting.The uniform wall thickness of casting is necessary as well.The joint between [...]

Salt Core Used in High Pressure Die Casting

With development of automobile industry,more and more aluminum die casting parts are used in building automobile.The hollow die casting parts can improve strength of structure and lower weight.Vacuum die casting is mostly used in automobile industry and can get thin wall in 2.5 mm with complex geometry.The ribs and holes on the side can be produced by tooling with sliders while the hollow parts can not be made by such way.However,the complex hollow parts can be made by using [...]

Better Filling of Cavity in Die Casting

Die casting already used in different industries wildly.Manufacturer are requested to know procedure to fill up cavity and property of melted alloy,which is aim to improve fluidity of melted alloy and get better filling of cavity and meet requirement of surface finishing and mechanical property. During filling of cavity,melted alloy flow along wall of cavity and change speed and direction when hit onto core,which will disturb flow of melted alloy and get air trapped in it.These affect speed of filling [...]

Brief Introduction Of Die Casting Engine Block

1 Specification of die casting engine block.As everybody known,most of die casting product are used for automotive industry.As awareness of environmental protection and light weight,most of automotive parts are produced by die casting.In these years,most of automotive company produce engine block by die casting.All in all,it become trend that more and more engine block are manufactured by die casting. Die Casting Engine Block By compare to other casting method,die casting engine block has following advantages High efficiency.Die casting is most efficiency among [...]

Die Casting Aluminum Alloy and Trend

Nowadays,Industrial die casting aluminum alloy mainly include Al-Si,Al-Mg,Al-Si-Cu,Al-Si-Mg.Die casting aluminum alloy featured in high strength,corrosion resistance,machining ability and recyclable.They are wildly used in automobile,aerospace and electronics industry.With development of automobile industry,production of aluminum alloy increase by 13% per year. Normal die casting aluminum parts are not suitable to heat treatment,which affect improvement of properties of aluminum die casting parts.Currently,die casting parts wildly used in structure of automobile.However,it can not meet strict requirement in automobile industry by normal aluminum die casting [...]