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Aluminum sand casting is oldest among all of casting methods.It has been passed and improved by craftman through thousands of years. The sand casting is least set up cost of all casting since it does not require complex steel die.

Instead, pattern making is first step for sand casting. Pattern can be made from various less expensive material. Simply, the molten alloy filled up sand inside pattern.

For now, It is the most versatile of all processes used to cast aluminum. Pouring molten aluminum alloy into a sand mold produces a casting. This process is well suited for producing small quantities of identical castings, complex castings with intricate cores, large castings and structural castings.

Aluminum sand castings produced by our factory will exhibit machining characteristics equal to bar stock aluminum.Our process begins with chemical property requirements on all incoming alloy.

Mg levels are controlled to attain consistent hardness. We complete the process by removing harmful hydrogen gases prior to pouring. This process, along with our in-house heat treating capabilities, assure superior T6 results.

By our manufacturing, the aluminum sand castings will acquire following advantages

  • Good surface finishes
  • Tight dimensional control
  • Improved tooling life
  • Less machining requirement
  • Reduction of hard spot
  • Excellent porosity control
  • Shrinkage control
  • Cost effective in house pattern
  • Heat treatment processing

Pros of aluminum sand casting

  • 1. Extreamely flexiable for size and weight
  • 2. Complex shape acceptable
  • 3. More casting material selection
  • 4. Lowest tooling cost
  • 5. Suitable for low volume production
  • 6. Fast lead time
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The pattern shop is the first critical step in the production of castings. A high quality casting can only result from a high quality pattern.We have operated an in-house pattern shop since its inception.

Our pattern makers have 20+ years experience in pattern construction, molding and machining. Our engineers also interact with each customer step by step as required in order to assist them in meeting their casting requirements.

All of our aluminum sand casting were exported to european and north american countries. They are widely used for valves hydraulics, power transmission, pneumatics, machine tools, construction, power tools, medical railroad, fluid controls, industrial controls, etc.


Most cost effective tooling. Suitable for small volume production. Complex geometry can be accomplished.

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