Aluminum Die Casting Parts with Decorative Chrome Plating

Decorative chrome plating is always a difficulty for aluminum die casting parts.There are usually some pittings,blisters,missing plating happened onto aluminum die casting parts after plating.We have been working on decorative chrome plating for aluminum die casting parts over years.We already got rich experience to make perfect and aesthetic chroming finishing onto aluminum die casting parts.

Decorative chrome plating
Decorative chrome plating
  • To make good decorative chrome plating,nice tooling make is necessary.The sprue and overflow layout has to be made carefully.The casting can not have pin holes,crackes,cold shut on the surface.The porosity need to avoided as much as possible.
  • First step of chroming is to polishing.The casting must be polished very very fine.It usually refer as mirror polishing which aim to acquire smooth suface.
  • Degreasing is improtant process before plating.It will remove mold release agent and dirts totally.
  • Acid and Alkali etch are to remove oxide and leave pure aluminum substrate alone on the surface.
  • Rack cooper plating is kind of buffing process.It will cover tiny defects of surface mostly.
  • Rack nickle plating will be apply after cooper plating as intermediate layer.It will be useful for chrome deposit onto surface.
  • Apply chrome plating finally.

For some intricate die parts,decorative chrome plating is not suitable since some area can not be polished very well.In addtion,the blind hole can be plated properly.

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