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Technically, high pressure die casting(HPDC) refer to the process that molten nonferrous alloy is forced into closed steel die at high speed and pressure. The molten alloy cool down.

In the meantime the parts formed inside cavities of die within seconds. It is really cost effective and high efficiency manufacturing method for volume production among all casting method.

Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd is fully prepared to meet the most demanding high pressure die casting requirements with controlled processes and work flows to allow for quality results our customers expect.

We use industry leading equipments for making toolings, melting, die casting finishing and testing custom castings.


  • Quality Aluminum Die Castings Machines
  • .Part Weight from Grams to 40kgs
  • Mature Quality System / Certified IATF:16949
  • Casting Design Assistance and Prototyping
    • 3D Modeling
    • Element Analysis
    • 3D Printing Capabilities
    • Grinding, Blasting, Machining&Assembly
  • Tooling Design&Repair(In-House Tooling Shop)
  • Spectrographic Analysis&Tensile Testing
  • CMM measurement
  • Airtightness Testing Equipment
weiheng High Pressure Die Casting

Pros of High Pressure Die Casting

  • 1. Short production run
  • 2. Suitable for thin wall castings
  • 3. Mostly net shape
  • 4. Less machining required
  • 5. Fine surface finishing
  • 6. Suitable for automatic manufacturing

Cons of High Pressure Die Casting

  • 1. Expensive tooling
  • 2. Relatively low strength
  • 3. Can not heat treated
  • 4. High volume required normally

We are foucs on understanding die casting requirement for customers and able to provide most value added service that exceed customer expectations.

We always provide “Drawing to Parts” service on huge range of product. Simply come to us with your concept or drawing and we will let them become final product you want.

We can assist you with the design, tooling, manufacture of part and if necessary, provide special packing or assembly.

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300ton to 1250ton die casting machine. In house tooling. Tight tolerance and fast delivery.

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