Anodizing Die Casting Parts

Aluminum die casting have some of the most challenging problems in anodizing.Normally,the casting parts can only black anodized.

Aluminum die casting parts black anodized
Aluminum die casting parts black anodized

For any other colour,for example,natrual anodizing or colouring anodizing,the finishing can not be consistent or do not have favourable appearance.Weiheng Die Casting can fully meet requirement of anodizing for die casting parts.

To solve the problem of anodizing of die casting,we need to understand important aspects of die casting parts,such as surface condition,alloy composition,casting quality etc.

1)Alloy Selection

Aluminum die casting usually use Al-Si-Cu composition alloy.The silicon and cooper can improve the fluidity and Iron can avoid soldering problem.However,these element affect anodizing process badly and get casting in unexpected finishing.Therefore,for stylish finishing,special aluminum like DM32 is requested to be used for die casting.We use another kind of aluminum for stylish finishing purpose.

Anodizing Aluminum Die Casting Parts
Our Anodizing Aluminum Die Casting Parts
Alloy Specification
Alloy Specification

The above aluminum alloy are formulated for cast ability,followed by mechanical properties and structural integrity.It also has excellent colouring effect and anodizing performance.The fluidity is not as good as Al-Si-Cu  alloy.But it can be improved by proper tooling design.The alloy contain little iron,which cause potential risk of soldering.We can spray special formulated mold release agent all over the cavity and core to avoid this potential risk.In addition,the alloy feature minimum gassing when molten.

For sure,Normal aluminum alloy is rarely designed for some kinds of surface treatment,especially anodizing or chroming.If have any inquiry about anodizing die casting,please contact us.We make castings with Anodizing finish which provide impact corrosion protection and decorative finish.

2)Tooling Make

1)Core and Cavity material:8407 Steel.The molten temperature of this special alloy is higher than normal die casting aluminum alloy,so the core and cavity will get crack very soon if use common mold steel Like H13,SKD13.The layout of overflow and sprue is totally different from normal die casting tooling.Normally,it require more overflow.Sprue position need to fully avoid turbulence of molten alloy.Surface polishing of core and cavity must be very very fine in order to avoid soldering problem maximumly.

3)Surface Treatment

Sandblasting is necessary and it is performed to clean the surface and will impede anodizing.Also,it can guarrante integrity and continuity of Anodizing

4)Production effciency

When it comes to the cost calculation,it is about 60% of normal die casting effciency because longer mold holdup time required.

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