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We help solve our customers' challenges in sheet metal fabrication. We specialised in custom sheet metal enclosures to fit your industry's unique needs.

From custom storage enclosures to custom cabinet, our engineers use Design for Manufacturing principles to lower total product cost and improve product manufacturability.


  • LASER CUTTING: performs high-tolerance piercing and cutting on a wide variety of material types and thicknesses.
  • WATERJET CUTTTING:No heat generated cutting method.The finial finishing do not have burning slags.
  • PUNCH&STAMP:punches provide significant throughput with high accuracy and quality.We handle a wide variety of part dimensions and material thicknesses.
  • SHEARING:Get ideal size from big metal sheet for following processing.
  • FORMING:cnc press brakes,including pipe bending enables us to bend and form parts to the most exacting specifications without waste.
  • WELDING:offer a full range of superior-quality welding services for both production welding and piece work, including robotic, mig, tig and spot welding.
  • COATING:offer in house powder coating with superior surface finishing.
  • BRUSHING:deburring and polishing metal sheet in order to get stylish stain finish.
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  • 1. Optimizing designs to improve manufacturing
  • 2. Supporting changes in demand schedules
  • 3. Scaling products for size and demand
  • 4. Fabricating durable solutions for outdoor harsh environments
  • 5. Supporting custom branding requirements

We have more than 20 years of professional sheet metal fabrication experience and mainly serve different kinds of industries, such as Telecom Cabinet; Sale Kiosk; Telecom Enclosure; ATM Enclosure; Industrial Cabinet, etc.


Offer a full range of manufacturing services producing custom made sheet metal parts and assemblies for OEM products

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