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Gravity die casting has also been called as permanent mold casting or chill casting. It is a gravity induced method of creating custom metal products and components inside cavities of die.

There are two kinds of gravity die casting service based on the customers requirement. One is that molten alloy was poured into closed die manually and it flow into cavities smoothly by gravity. The other is that molten alloy flow into cavities by turning tilt pour machine.

Basically, two methods can achieve same finishing and properties.The difference is that tilt pour machine offer high efficiency for big volume production. In addition, tilt pour machine can be equiped with robtic arm for molten alloy pouring and casting pick up, which make fully automation production line come true.

It is no problem for us to provide above two kinds of gravity die casting at our full-service aluminum foundry. Our team can handle your custom metal casting needs, no matter the industry, with complete design, engineering and production assistance.

Obviously, gravity die casting tooling is less complicated than high pressure die casting. Processing is relatively simple.

But there are also skills and experiences acquired by really long time working, such as sprue gate lay out, ventilation design, mold hold up time, feeding capacity anlysis, deformation control, allowance required etc.

With our excellent engineering and production team, customers can get fully quality ensured products via our gravity die casting services.

Pros of gravity die casting

  • 1. Lower start up cost
  • 2. Low porosity
  • 3. Greater mechanical and physical properties
  • 4. Undercuts and Heat treatment are accpetable
  • 5. Concave is acceptable
  • 6. Suitable for heat treatment
  • 7. Production stability
  • 8. Cost effective for small volume

Cons of gravity die casting

  • 1. Lower efficiency than high pressure die casting
  • 2. No less than 3mm wall thickess
  • 3. Not suitable for aesthetic product
  • 4. More machining allowance required
weiheng Gravity Die Casting

At weiheng, our professional engineers and workers can produce various kinds of products via gravity die casting such as: turbos, brake calipers, knuckles, engine cylinder heads, engine blocks and pistons etc.


Lower initial tooling cost. Undercuts and cavities can be incorporated into the castings. Castings can be heat treated

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