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About Cangzhou Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd

We provide different kinds of aluminum casting service inclusive of high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity die casting, investment casting and sand casting.

Our die casting machine are from yizumi and L.K group and ranged from 300ton to 1250ton. For some parts with bigger wall thickness and heat treatment requirement, we can either provide low pressure die casting or gravity die casting. We also provide investment casting for stainless steel and carbon steel parts and sand casting for some big aluminum parts with general tolerance requirement.

Our aluminum casting parts are wildly used in automobile electronics telecommunication marine and medical equipment etc. The aluminum alloy we used are for different casting process according to customer requirement.

They either have good fluidity like ADC12/A380 for high pressure die casting or can be heat treated to improve strength like A356/A357 for low pressure and gravity die casting. Generally, all of aluminum alloy featured light weight as well as great strength and good choice for secondary machining and surface treatment.

Our in-house tooling capability provide our customer with best quality of molds. The tooling were designed by our professional engineers and made via experienced tooling worker and advanced tooling making equipment.

Good quality tooling can make jobs much easier and reduce the defects of final products. We put a lot of work and effort on making good tooling in order to produce products our customer really want and guarantee delivery time.

Most of time, aluminum casting parts need precision machining to meet customers requirement. No matter how complex the parts are, our machining equipment and capability can fully accomplish best finishing of final products.

Our machining service mostly include multi-drilling multi-tapping milling boring turning grinding. Therefore, we are pretty sure that you can find everything for your design in our factory.

We do not only provide aluminum casting service but also sheet metal fabrication. Many customers come to us with their design which include sheet metal parts so we decide to extend our business to sheet metal making to give customer much better service.

At present, we have full set of sheet metal fabrication equipment. Our service have bending, roll forming, drawing, spinning, shearing, blanking, punching, laser cutting. We have no problem with quick lead time on high volume runs for sheet metal parts. Good surface treatment can offer eye attractive finishing and corrosion resistance. Therefore, More and more customer pay attention to surface finishing. In weiheng, customers do not need to worry about surface finishing because we provide fully surface treatment.

We have plenty experience to deal with aluminum casting parts surface. We can do polishing, electroplating, powder coating, anodizing, shot blasting, sandblasting.Come to us with your idea, we will offer professional service on your surface requirement.

We full operate according to IATF 16949. All of our casting products will be tested and checked before packing and delivery. The advanced tools and technique we develop guarantee final parts quality without any problem.

We deeply know that quality control are foundation of whole casting process. Our workers are obligated to provide parts with zero defect.

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