Analysis of Packaging Force against The Core in Die Casting

The packaging force will applied to the core during solidification stage of die casting due to alloy shrinkage.The castings still shrink at room temperature after getting off mould.The shrinkage rate is 0.4%-0.7% for die casting.This shrinkage range make designer feel hard to choose during tooling design. The packaging force is subject to draft,roughness,ejector pins layout,release agent quality,mould temperature and casting temperature.Cangzhou Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd Professional Die Casting Supplier. die casting parts Thermal expansivity of tooling steel and casting alloy are [...]

Control of Aluminum Die Casting Defect

Defects and deformation might happen for some die casting parts.The quality of die casting parts will be guaranteed by optimizing structure of die casting parts,injection system and ventilation system. Defects of aluminum die casting cover The cover was made of ADC12 and requested high density and smooth surface,no burrs.The assembly area must contact firmly.The size of die casting parts is quite big and minimum wall thickness is 5mm. There is deformation even crack caused by ejector pins on the edge of die [...]

Poor Silicon Surface Problem for B390

By compare with eutectic and hypoeutectic Alu-Silicon alloy,hypereutectic alu-silicon alloy (B390)has lower density,smaller thermal expansion coefficient,higher abrasive resistance and heat resistanct.Therefore,it is widely used for engine and air compressor,brake plate etc.In addition,it is acceptable material for automobile and mechanical industry.Hypereutectic alu-silicon normally contain 14%-26% silicon.The hardness or silicon is 15 times more than aluminum.Therefore,silicon act as hard spot distributed over the alloy,which increase abrasive resistance very much.By view of abrasive resistance,it is required that surface of alloy contain a [...]

Hard Spot in Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Die casting act as developed production technology in whole manufacturing industry,especially for automobile industry.In trend of light weight of automobile,more and more aluminum die casting parts are used.Hard spot of die casting parts is common defect which cause machining failure.The machining failure include rough surface finishing,unproper tolerance,short life span of machining tools.Weiheng Die Casting is professional manufacturer for die casting parts. Hard spot has two main types.One is non-metallic hard spot which mainly composed by metallic oxide.Its hardness from 200 [...]

Aluminum Die Casting Future and Current Trend

Die Casting refer to the process that fully or semi melted aluminum alloy injected into cavity to form the castings at high speed and pressure.Die casting has following features. High efficiency.The filling time is about 1.5-2 seconds normally.The cycle time is about 15 seconds.It is very suitable for volume production. High precision for raw casting.The profile of raw casting in good condition.Tight tolerance and low roughness.Less requirement for secondary machining for assembly.It is very suitable for thin wall casting parts.To compare [...]

The Procedures of Die Casting Tooling Design and Improvement of Die Casting Process

Die casting is common use method in manufacturing.Failure of die casting tooling caused late delivery and cost increasing.Failure of tooling include following issues. Weiheng Die Casting Always focus on quality of die casting parts and tooling. Metal Fatigue.The die casting bear high pressure of locking force,which cause deformation of inner part of die casting tooling after long time usage.Crack caused by thermal fatigue is common problem for die casting tooling.The issued is due to temperature changing inside tooling and mechanical impact [...]

Research on Failure of Core of Tooling and Solution

During die casting processing,core life span affected by high temperature melted alloy,release agent,cooling air and grip strength of casting.Core failure has caused most machine down during manufacturing.Therefore,research on core failure is useful to reduce machine down and improve manufacturing efficiency.Weiheng die casting is professional die casting supplier. die casting tooling There are several common types of core failure,core deformation,sticking,core breakage etc. Core breakage Core breakage mainly happen to long length of core or core with sliders.Breakage mostly due to metal fatigue. Core deformation Most core [...]

How to Extend Life Span of Die Casting Tooling

During die casting process,unproper operating will cause crack,corrosion,sticking problem for die casting tooling.The problem will reduce life span of tooling.Weiheng die casting is professional for die casting parts production and tooling making. There will be several methods to extend life span of tooling Heat treatment for tooling material The die casting tooling working at high pressure,high temperature working condition.Normally,the temperature is from 300℃ to 1000℃ and the pressure if from 150MPa to 500MPa and injection speed if 70m/s – 150m/s,The die casting [...]

Research on Compositon of Die Casting Aluminum

Die casting aluminum features low density,good heat conductive property,corrosion resistance,while it has disadvantages,such as sticking to the cavity.Therefore,it is important to understand the properties of die casting aluminum.There are two methods that can improve die casting aluminum property.One is to improve die casting processing,the other is to improve composition of die casting aluminum.Most of die casting process are fully developed and hard to improve.Therefore,to adjust composition of die casting aluminum is useful way to improve die casting aluminum property.By [...]

Analysis of Different Porosity in Aluminum Die Casting

Different kinds of porosity for die casting die casting porosity Porosity caused by poor refine of material.Weiheng Die Casting is professional to control porosity. The temperature of melted aluminum alloy normally is 610-660℃ in die casting.At this temperature,there is lots of gas(mainly hydrogen) in melted alloy.At 660℃,hydrogen is 0.69cm3/100g in melted aluminum alloy,while it is 0.036m3/100g in solid aluminum alloy.Therefore,there is lots of hydrogen bubble contained inside aluminum die castings. The refine of melted aluminum alloy is to reduce gas in melted aluminum [...]