The factors influence quality of die casting parts

The factors influence quality of die casting parts

Cooling water is necessary for die casting

cold chamber die casting

cold chamber die casting

Water is balance between die casting machine and tooling.The oil temperature of die casting machine is key for all component of die casting machine to reach good standard.The temperature of tooling decide quality of die casting parts.Therefore,we have to control cooling water properly.

  1. Keep water clean.Particles and impurity removed from water in order to keep cooling system of die casting machine blocked.
  2. Filter water which go through die casting machine cooling system.Clean cooling system regularly.
  3. Clean cooling water system regularly.
  4. Purified water is good for tooling when it used together with released agent.

Water or vapour can not exist in die casting.The vapor left in cavity will cause cold shut and porosity inside parts.Therefore,there should not be any kind of water or vapour in flow of alloy.

Key factors for die casting.Tooling,Alloy,Die casting machine

The alloy injected into cavity where the air has to push out.The overflow is necessary for tooling.Some factors cause failure of overflow of tooling,such as overflow blocked.

Flashes are also common problem in die casting.During manufacturing,flashes affect quality of die casting parts as well as processing of tooling.It is very important to get rid of flashes,especially for die casting parts which request higher tightness.

Alloy requirement as following

  1. Put alloy according to manufacturing requirement.In some situation,recycled material can be used with fresh material.The proportion between fresh material and recycled material is 7:3
  2. Clean alloy melting equipment regularly.Once in 12 hours.
  3. Refine alloy precisely.

Regularly maintenance of die casting machine.

  1. Clean oil filter once in a month.Precise filter need to be changed once in three month.Nice quality oil is necessary to keep die casting machine in good condition.
  2. Concentricity between pressure plunger and injection nozzle.

All factors have to be under control in order to make quality die casting parts.

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