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Aluminum Alloy for Automobile

Aluminum alloy are widely used for manufacturing cars because of their excellent property and energy saving.Proportion of aluminum alloy used in structure increased over years.They are mostly used for reducing weight of automobile.Weiheng Die Casting has been producing die casting parts for automobile industry over years. Among aluminum alloy for automobile,die casting aluminum and other casting aluminum take 80% and extruded and wrought aluminum take 20% only.Among casting aluminum for automobile,die casting aluminum take about 70%,therefore,die casting aluminum take 55% [...]

Die Casting Aluminum Alloy and Trend

Nowadays,Industrial die casting aluminum alloy mainly include Al-Si,Al-Mg,Al-Si-Cu,Al-Si-Mg.Die casting aluminum alloy featured in high strength,corrosion resistance,machining ability and recyclable.They are wildly used in automobile,aerospace and electronics industry.With development of automobile industry,production of aluminum alloy increase by 13% per year.Weiheng Die Casting always provide professional die casting service. Normal die casting aluminum parts are not suitable to heat treatment,which affect improvement of properties of aluminum die casting parts.Currently,die casting parts wildly used in structure of automobile.However,it can not meet strict requirement [...]