Aluminum Alloy for Automobile

Aluminum alloy are widely used for manufacturing cars because of their excellent property and energy saving.Proportion of aluminum alloy used in structure increased over years.They are mostly used for reducing weight of automobile.

Among aluminum alloy for automobile,die casting aluminum and other casting aluminum take 80% and extruded and wrought aluminum take 20% only.Among casting aluminum for automobile,die casting aluminum take about 70%,therefore,die casting aluminum take 55% of aluminum used for automobile.

Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy

Among die casting aluminum,ADC12,A360,A380 and A383 are better on general performance.

Al-Si alloy:Good hot crack resistance and air tightness and fluidity.Can not heat treatment,tensile strength is low.Mostly used in thin wall casting which bear no pressure.Such as device housing,dental equipment etc.

Al-Si-Mg alloy:Good corrosion resistance and impact resistance and yield strength.Low casting feasibility.Mostly used in wheel rim,housing of bent axle,bicycle wheel etc.

Al-Si-Cu:Good casting feasibility and fluidity and air tightness and hot crack resistance.Good for machining,casting and polishing.Widely use for many industries.such as automobile parts,motorcycle parts,agriculture equipment,fishing equipment,gas equipment etc.

Al-Mg:Good corrosion resistance and impact resistance.Low tensile strength and casting feasibility.Mostly used for housing of oil pump,fishing pole and agriculture parts etc.

The overall weight of automobile can reduce by 30%-40% if some steel structure replace by aluminum alloy.But aluminum alloy has disadvantage as well.Abrasion resistance of aluminum is worse than cast iron.Expend rate is bigger than cast iron.For engine block,die casting aluminum alloy need to own good hot resistance,abrasion resistance and low expand rate and good fluidity.Corrosion resistance and heat fatigue resistance is necessary.

A390 widely used for manufacturing engine block.Silicon and Cooper are most important element for engine block manufacturing.Silicon improve abrasion resistance and fluidity.Cooper improve hardness and strength.However,cooper affect corrosion resistance.Yield strength of A390 is better than A380 or A319 at high temperature.

In automobile manufacturing,Al-Si play important role.A380 mostly used for housing of air cylinder and gearbox.Piston use F322.A356 and A319 are common for casting of automobile parts.In recent years,A390 are most acceptable for automobile industry.It mostly used for parts of engine,air cylinder,gearbox,water pump etc.

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