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In these days,leading robotics manufacture KUKA set up their branch in shenzhen city.Thet is big investment in china after they seting up guangzhou branch.

KUKA robotics

KUKA robotics

The demand of robotics in china market will increase constantly.KUKA already go ahead in automobile industry.Die casting factory mostly belong to labor insenstive industry.In the future,KUKA will put investment in small robotics which requested by some of die casting industry as well as application on die  casting factory.Weiheng Die Casting Already Accomplished Production by Auto Robotics.

At the begining of 2017,Midea have take 94.55% stock of KUKA group.In first quater of last year,KUKA contribute 19.837 billion USD to income of Midea and accomplish 27% increasing.This is quite helpful for KUKA to enter into chinese market.

KUKA kept extending their business in chiese market since they start business in china in2000.Up to now,they already set up two factories in shanghai and guangdong province in order to enchance their production capacity.They are planing to set up second factory in shanghai city in January of 2018,which will two times more thanfirst factory in shanghai.The total production capacity will be 25 thousands set of robotics each year.The third factory will be set up in guangdong province in 2019 and their total production capacity will be four times more than present,and that will be 40 thousands of robotics each year.

KUKA already developed more than 10 sets of excellent application kit in china and german.Therefore,it has been noticed that KUKA were exploring intelligent solution and developing information business.Together with shenzhen manufacturing industry,KUKA will turn to high technology and service company from manufacturing company.They are same as china intelligent manufacture.

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