Casting Method for Aluminum Shock Tower

Aluminum shock tower is kind of integration of several sheet metal parts.The total weight can be reduced and precision and strength can be improved.The wall thickness of shock tower is about 3mm.Some area can be thicker or thinner upon requirement of assembly.For quality aluminum shock tower or any casting parts,please contact us Cangzhou Weiheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd

aluminum shock tower
aluminum shock tower

Three casting methods can be used for production of aluminum shock tower.Lost wax casting,low pressure casting and vacuum die casting.

Lost wax casting use A357 as material.This aluminum alloy featured high mechanical strength and good casting ability.The corrosion resistance is pretty nice as well.

Pros:tooling production is easier and more flexibility.Cons:Precision is low.The wall thickness varied from 0.5-1.5mm.The production time is quite long.

Low pressure casting is widely used during production of aluminum parts and can produce parts with complex geometary.AlSi7Mg0.3 is used for production of shock tower via sand casting.The advantage of low pressure casting is less porosity and high yield ratio.AlSi7Mg0.3 can be natural aged and has higher mechanical strength,good formability and castability.The corrosion resistance and weldability are good as well.

Pros: tooling production is easier and more flexibility.The size is more stable.Cons: The production time is quite long.

Vacuum die casting is different from normal die casting which always has problem of porosity and can not do heat treatment.Vacuum die casting can eliminate porosity.

AlSi10MgMn is used for vacuum die casting.This aluminum alloy enjoy better fluidity and high speed filling and fast cooling.Meanwhile,it can be heat treated and applied for high load structure parts.

Pros:Size stable and high yield ratio.

Cons:Tooling production is long.Manufacturing procedure is complex.

By compare three casting methods,lost wax casting has bigger wall thickness variation.Low pressure casting and vacuum die casting has about 5% wall thickness variation.By lost wax casting,the parts have highest tensile strength and yield strength,but elongation is lowest and can not meet technical requirement.By low pressure casting,the parts have medium tensile strength and yield strength and elongation,which meet technical requirement.By vacuum die casting,the parts have low tensile strength and yield strength and elongation is 14.1%,which meet technical requirement as well.

The production lead time,unit cost and mold cost are deeply affected by different casting method.Therefore,it is necessary to consider casting method before development of aluminum shock tower

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