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Aluminum Die Casting Future and Current Trend

Die Casting refer to the process that fully or semi melted aluminum alloy injected into cavity to form the castings at high speed and pressure.Die casting has following features. High efficiency.The filling time is about 1.5-2 seconds normally.The cycle time is about 15 seconds.It is very suitable for volume production. High precision for raw casting.The profile of raw casting in good condition.Tight tolerance and low roughness.Less requirement for secondary machining for assembly.It is very suitable for thin wall casting parts.To compare [...]

High pressure casting,Gravity casting and Sand casting

High pressure casting,Gravity casting and Sand casting Casting include many methods and devide into following types 1 normal sand casting 2 Special casting Die casting:High pressure casting.It is casting that put melted alloy into die and form parts by high pressure and speed of injection.Die casting featured high pressure and high speed. Weiheng Die Casting Focus on Aluminum Die Casting for 20 years. Precision casting.It is kind of special casting that do need secondary machining,such as lost wax casting and gravity casting.Precision casting is one [...]