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Features and Practices of High Performance Die Casting Alloy AlSi9MnMoZr

AlSi9MnMoZr is one type of high performance alloy made by RHEIN-FELDEN.The general performance is as following chart Wall Thickness(mm) Yield Strength/Mpa Tensile Strength/Mpa Alongation/% 2-3 120-150 260-300 10-14 3-5 110-130 230-280 10-14 5-7 80-110 200-250 10-14   There will be air trapped inside castings made by normal die casting alloy,the trapped air will cause blister on the surface of casting in T6 or T7 heat treatment processing.Therefore,the problem of trapped air need to be solved if castings need heat treatment. Normal die casting alloy can not meet such requirement so the high cost vacuum die casting is [...]