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The Procedures of Die Casting Tooling Design and Improvement of Die Casting Process

Die casting is common use method in manufacturing.Failure of die casting tooling caused late delivery and cost increasing.Failure of tooling include following issues. Weiheng Die Casting Always focus on quality of die casting parts and tooling. Metal Fatigue.The die casting bear high pressure of locking force,which cause deformation of inner part of die casting tooling after long time usage.Crack caused by thermal fatigue is common problem for die casting tooling.The issued is due to temperature changing inside tooling and mechanical impact [...]

Improve Design of Die Casting Tooling

Tooling for die casting and plastic injection are quite similar.However,some factors have to be took into consideration:Multi-Spure,Dimension of spure and runner.overflow layout,Ventilation layout,flashes disposal.Weiheng die casting always provide in house tooling service. Each die castings own different structure and shape,which cause potential risk during manufacturing.Therefore,some software will be useful for design of die casting tooling.3D flow simulation is most important software in die casting tooling design.Some potential risk can be found by 3D simulation software,such as sequence of filling,air trap,gas [...]

Die Casting Tooling Design

Die casting High pressure die casting refer to method that melted alloy injected into cavities of tooling at very high pressure and speed. The main feature of die casing is high speed and high pressure.1)melted alloy fill up by high pressure and formed at higher pressure.Normal pressure is 15-100MPa.2)Melted alloy fill up cavities of tooling at very high speed.Normally,it is 10 to 50 meters per seconds,even more than 80 meters per seconds sometimes.Therefore,it will take about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds to [...]