CCTV Surveillance Camera Aluminum Housing

High quality surveillance camera always equipped with aluminum housing.Therefore,light weight and durable housing is important component for each surveillance camera.Die casting method is first choice for production of aluminum housing because it is suitable for thin wall and complex structure aluminum product.We are professional factory specialized in aluminum die casting.

Aluminum security camera housing
Aluminum security camera housing

The aluminum housing is used for 360°panorama CCTV camera.The size is 500mm in diameter and 200mm in height.There is no undercut in whole part while some stud which used for position is quite small and the ribs are quite thin and deep.The die casting machine need to be 800ton locking force for production of this housing.The sprue and runner need to be lay out properly in order to avoid cold shut and crack.The outer surface need to powder coated so some remaining need to be grinding off after remove overflows.

There are many boss inside housing.The tapping is requested to apply on those boss.Therefore,porosity free is necessary for this boss otherwise the tapping will fail.Once sprue cut off,there will be several tapping hole in the area where there sprue is.The tapping hole need to be made on CNC so general tolerance need to be controlled tightly.

Most of surveillance camera are used for outdoor.Therefore,UV resistance and Corrosion resistance are key factors for housing.The powder coating can provide enough UV and weather proof.We have two powder coating line which can coat thousands pcs of die casting parts per day.Some area of housing are prohibited for powder coating so the cover need to be take care.

Airtightness test need to be done for aluminum housing so there will be no leakage during outdoor usage.We have professional airtightness tester which provide test no more than 15bar air pressure.We make the fixture to hold component and connect to airtightness tester,which save lots of money for end users and guarantee the yield ratio.

If any inquiries for production of camera housing,please feel free to contac us.

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