Shot blasting for die casting aluminum parts

With development of aluminum die casting,more and more customers have higher requirement for surface finishing of aluminum die casting parts.

Finishing of shot blasting on die casting aluminum parts

  1. Efficiency of shot blasting.The shot blasting can reach 110-260kg/min and 60-75m/s onto parts.As for high volume parts,more shot blasting equipment can be work at same time.
  2. Shot blasting will be used for cleaning,colour adding and decoration for surface of parts.After shot blasting,flash,particles,scratch can be removed.
  3. There will be stress concentration due to different cooling rate,uneven wall thickness.After shot blasting,the surface micro structure will be improved and stress concentration will be removed.Fatigue resistance and hardness will be improved to some extent.
  4. Aesthetic purpose.The surface finishing will be very nice after shot blasting.The parts looked very good under sunshine.
  5. The roughness will be Ra1.6-6.3um after shot blasting,which make coating and painting adhere to surface firmly.
  6. Simple and cost saving.The parts can be directly used for following procedure after shot blasting.
shot blasting

shot blasting

The shot beads normally are tiny for aluminum die casting parts.Dust of shot blasting can cause fire blast.Therefore,Shot blasting clean equipment can not put next to heat treatment equipment or something with high temperature but in clean and cool room.

The beads used for shot blasting are normally divided into three types.

  1. Aluminum alloy beads.The size will be 0.4-1.2mm in diameter.Same material as parts and no any pollution on parts.Nice surface roughness and brightness can be acquired.However,aluminum dust cause explosion easily.Therefore,few of factory use aluminum alloy bead for shot blasting.
  2. Stainless steel beads.Size normally bigger than aluminum alloy beads.The speed can be low a little and no pollution on parts.The life span is longer than aluminum alloy bead.The cost is quite high.
  3. Metal alloy beads.The size is 0.3-1.5mm.High strength and hardness.Rust and fragile resistance.Long life span and low cost.The performance is as same as stainless steel bead.Therefore,it is widely acceptable to factories.

All in all,Shot blasting is best way for aluminum die casting parts to acquire nice surface finishing.

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