Release Agent for Aluminum Die Casting

The demand of release agent become bigger and bigger since die casting industry booming.Therefore,it is necessary for die caster to know the advantage and disadvantage of release agent.

  • Categories and Composition of die casting release agent

In accordance with properties,release agent can be divide into oil base,powder base and water base.It really take long time to change release agent from oil base to water base,then to powder base.Oil base release agent compose of oil and graphite.The lubricant of oil base release agent is quite good but there is big smoke and air pollution when it has been used,which is harmful to health of workers.Powder base release agent compose of wax.It contact surface of cavity and will melt by heat.Water base release agent compose of two kinds of material.One is kind of oil stuff,which will used for lubricant.The other is emulgator which make oil stuff distributed evenly.Hundred times of water will be added into emulgator before using.Sometimes,water base release agent contain 90% water.

  • Development of release agent

Once upon a time,release agent mostly are oil based one.But it really affect workers health and has potential risk of fire disaster.Therefore,it was replaced by water based release agent.Although some people think that water base release agent will cause crack of die casting mold and parts,the cooling function of water base release agent is quite good,which will make temperature of tooling changed quickly and cause heat impact to tooling.However,some studies show that many factors cause crack of tooling,such as improper heat treatmen.The water base release agent can cool down the tooling and are useful to lower surface temperature of tooling.In 1980s,95% of release agent are water based in US,Europe and Japan.Water based release agent diminish fire disaster and helpful to create clean working condition and improve working efficiency and products quality.The thin membrane created when water based release agent spread over the surface of cavity,which isolate castings from toolings.By water base release agent,life span of tooling will extend,auto spray can be used and quality of products is improved.

die casting release agent

die casting release agent

With development of die casting industry,different release agent is highly demand and it has been requested for corrosion and bacteria resistance.One type of release base agent compose of chalk powder,asbestos powder,graphite powder,titanium dioxide,zinc oxide.Chalk powder and asbestos powder used for warming.Graphite powder used for lubricant.titanium dioxide and zinc oxide used for cleaning.

Powder based release agent mainly compose of wax.The release agent melted and contact to the surface of cavity so the surface of cavity become smooth.However,powder base release agent very costly,so it mainly used for vacuum die casting.After year 2000,there is big improvement for powder based release agent since vacuum die casting apply for more and more industry.Powder based release agent enhance working output and environmental protection.Vacuum die casting is necessary if use powder based release agent.Die casting tooling need to have water cooling system which control temperature of tooling.The castings need to match the release agent.

In recent years,water based release agent will be different for different die casting method.Especially for big and complex die casting parts.The water based release agent which is suitable for different kind of die casting method will be keep role in the future.

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