Die Casting Parts Mirror Polishing

Many consumption products are in highly demand around the world.So the production capability for these products is very important,otherwise the supply can not meet demand.Since die casting featured high production efficiency,low cost,high volume favorable,Excellent yield rate and tight tolerance,the die casting is best procedure for some consumption products.The follow parts are used for famous brand coffee grinder.With huge demand,the most parts of this coffee grinder are produced by die casting.

mirror polishing
mirror polishing

The material need to be food grade aluminum alloy.Therefore,we choose AlSi12 food grade.AlSi12 has excellent fluidity and cavity filling capacity.However,the machining ability is not as good as other common Al-Si-Cu die casting aluminum.The parts need little machining.The only machining apply onto parts is drilling and tapping.To improve production,the tooling should avoid multi-sliders and should have more cavities instead.To achieve final premium finishing,the polishing for cavity has to be very nice.The tooling material normally is H13 or SKD61.By this material,the tooling life span can be about 100000 shot.

To make nice polishing die casting parts,the geometry of die casting have to kind of round shape,which will be very suitable for wheel abrasive polishing.The corner should be avoided or hided because it is very hard to polish the corners.Our skillful polishing workers have rich working experience for mirror polishing and can do that on any types of die parts.

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