Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting is kind of casting method in between high pressure die casting and gravity die casting.The molten alloy was pushed into cavities by air pressure(0.01-0.05Mpa).The When molten alloy fill up cavities,the casting will be formed under increasing air pressure.Once mold open up,the casting is took off mold.The balance of molten alloy will flow back into crucibles.

By compare with normal casting method,low pressure die casting has following features.
  • Low pressure die casting can take advantage of different kind of mold.
  • Low pressure die casting is suitable for ferrous metal as well.
  • There is no turbulence while molten alloy fill up the cavities because the speed is controlled by air pressure.
  • The feeding capacity is good because the solidification of molten alloy is done under certain air pressure.
  • The pouring system is simplified and usage proportion of molten alloy is over 90%.
  • Fluidity of molten alloy is good and can make big castings with complex geometry.
  • The automation manufacturing is available.
Low pressure die casting VS High pressure die casting
  • Low pressure die casting is suitable for many kinds of alloy,while high pressure die casting can only use aluminum,zinc,magnesium and cooper.
  • High pressure die casting is good for high volume production,while low pressure die casting is more flexible on production volume.
  • High pressure die casting parts normally have porosity problem.For low pressure die casting,the porosity can be as less as possible.
  • High pressure die casting tooling is very expensive and complicated.Low pressure die casting tooling can be made from various kinds of material and much cheaper.
  • Low pressure die casting equipment is less expensive.The overall investment is much lower than high pressure die casting.
  • Low pressure die casting can make much bigger casting,while high pressure die casting is normally suitable for small and medium size parts.

By low pressure die casting,the casting can achieve nice surface roughness and near shape size.The stable flow of molten alloy can improve feeding capacity and reduce the usage of sprue.If want low porosity and high strength castings,please contact us info@prodiecasting.com

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