Industries Served

LED light housing

LIGHTHING | LED lighting industry changed quickly and we will provide key area service for LED parts which require thin wall and multi heat sinks.


AUTOMOTIVE | Automotive industry require die casting parts immensely,such as gear housing,brackets,engine components etc.Our die casting can give not only competitive unit pricing and tooling cost but also durable and light weight final parts.

CCTV Camera

SURVEILLANCE CAMERA | Our die casting business started from producing surveillance camera housing and we have been producing them over 15 years.We deeply understand tolerance,machining and fixture for surveillance camera housing parts and provide customers with one-stop service from tooling to parts assembling and packing.


APPLIANCES | Weiheng die casting have lots of experience on tooling design,casting,assembling for appliances industry.Appliance products must adhere to the strictest levels of quality and reliability all over the world.Our excellent engineering and facilities ensure we provide customers with leading technology and high quality appliances parts.

Aluminum casing with heatsink

TELECOMMUNICATION | Our main customer ZTE request over 40 types of telecommunication parts every year,so we gain a lots of experience on optimize telecommunication die casting parts.We are proud of ability that we create big volume castings at low cost for the development of customers concepts.

sheet metal fabrication

SHEET METAL FABRICATION | With our sheet metal fabrication equipment,we can provide customer with any kind of sheet metal products.Mostly,die casting customer require sheet metal parts to complement their whole products.We offer key solution and fast delivery for customers requirement on sheet metal products.