How To Choose Die Casting Supplier In China

For volume manufacturing,most customer would like to have their product produced in china because there are fully complete upstream and down stream industry.The fast delivery can be guaranteed.The experienced workers can provide high quality products with reasonable cost.

die casting factory
die casting factory

For die casting,everything start from drawings or idea.It does not like other business that customer can get sample before volume production with relatively low cost.The supplier would like to provide free sample for some kind of low value items.To get prototype,customer need to put quite huge investment for die casting tooling.There also some complicate engineering and products optimization during tooling make.Therefore,it is necessary for customer to find good and simple way to judge if die casting supplier are qualified for their products.

There are several points required to be considered when choosing die casting supplier in china.
  • The china die casting supplier are real factory or trading company.By this point,it does not mean trading company is bad.However,most trading company are not professional as factory and their sales person may not fully understand technical information on drawings.Most time,trading company is price oriented and focus on pricing other than quality.If you have any inquiry about die casting,please feel free to contact us.As professional china die casting factory, we have been in die casting industry over 20 years.
  • How many die casting machines do they have.It is obvious that more die casting machine factory has,more strong their production capacity.
  • The maximum tonnage of die casting machine.Of course,it is depend on certain production.
  • The die casting job integrate with engineering and working experience.The engineering capacity is most important factor that need to be considered.
  • Secondary machining.In addition to die casting,many procedures need to taken to finish final product,such as trimming,grinding,polishing,CNC,surface treatment.Some supplier use outsourcing service for these,but the time and quality sometimes not guaranteed.
  • Smelting equipment.Central gas operated smelting equipment is preferable.
  • Similar project experience.It is sometimes important by judging supplier.It can help customer to avoid some potential risk.

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