Brief Introduction Of Die Casting Engine Block

1 Specification of die casting engine block.As everybody known,most of die casting product are used for automotive industry.As awareness of environmental protection and light weight,most of automotive parts are produced by die casting.In these years,most of automotive company produce engine block by die casting.All in all,it become trend that more and more engine block are manufactured by die casting.

Die Casting Engine Block

Die Casting Engine Block

By compare to other casting method,die casting engine block has following advantages

  • High efficiency.Die casting is most efficiency among all casting methods,which depend on feature of die casting.As improvement of automotive die casting and mechanical facilities,it just take about 3 minutes to produce one set of engine block,which save huge time than other casting methods.
  • High precision.Only few of area of die casting part need secondary machining.
  • High strength and High surface finishing
  • Energy saving.One set of die casting machine can produce about 70,000 engine block per year.
  • Less space requested

6)Less procedure in manufacturing.Traditional casting request procedure include forming,wax,cooling,cleaning,machining,heat treatment etc.Nevertheless,Die casting only request tooling make,die casting and secondary machining.

Disadvantage of die casting

  • Defect of die casting always happen.Porosity is common problem happened to die casting because the fact that air keep inside cavity after extreme high speed injection.In addition,the air trapped inside castings easily if ventilation such as overflow are not designed properly.
  • High Investment.Low pressure casting or sand casting cost less than die casting if production of engine block below 100,000 sets.2 Die casting workshop layout.V3 or V4 engine is quite suitable to car which emission less than 2.0.V6 will be used for car emission more than 2.0.As for now,die casting factory layout is quite complex and hard to follow any standard.

    Die casting workshop layout depend on experience and feature of each manufacture.For convenience,the equipment of die casting workshop are as following

  • Die casting machine.locking force from 2000 to 4400 tons.
  • Alloy melt equipment.
  • Casting release agent spray.Normally,the spray robotic are used.Nozzle structure is most important for quality of spray.Container of release agent need to be big enough to avoid adding release agent frequently.
  • Pick castings.Robotic pick up castings normally.
  • Cooling system.The alloy have to be refined before die casting.Vacuum die casting is a alternative to engine block production,but it need more procedure.Currently,most of die casting supplier can produce quality engine block without using vacuum casting.Some defect have to be took into consideration during engine block manufacturing,such as porosity,shrinkage,cold shut,crack etc.

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