Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold Block made by Die Casting

Hydraulic manifold block mostly are specially designed for end customers.The material of hydraulic manifold block are specified according to different work condition,function requirement.Weiheng Metal Products are specialized in customized production of aluminum hydraulic manifold block via high pressure die casting.

hydraulic manifold block
hydraulic manifold block

The pressure can be decided by various kinds of material.We can use aluminum or Q235 carbon steel if pressure no more than 21Mpa. Aluminum alloy is first choice and it featured light weight,low cost and easy for machining.

We have been producing hydraulic manifold block by aluminum die casting over years.All of our customized hydraulic manifold block utilize limited working space and control liquid flow,hydraulic pressure and change the flow rate.The maximum pressure our customized aluminum hydraulic manifold block can hold is upto 210Bar.It is quite excellent performance.

The tooling design is very important for volume production.Our in-house tooling production team have over 20years working experience.The main issue for manifold block is layout of overflow and eliminate porosity totally in order to reach high anti-pressure requirement.

Section No Porosity
Section No Porosity

By our professional tooling ventilation design,we rarely apply vacuum impregnation for our aluminum manifold block.The aluminum we use is A380/ADC12/EN AC46000,which is quite nice for high pressure die casting.These aluminum featured good casting feasibility and die filly capacity.The mechanical property is quite high among all of casting aluminum.In addition,these aluminum alloy can be easily machining in order to reach tolerance requirement.

To start production,we will use 3D-flow simulation for tooling designing in order to produce qualified raw casting to save production cost and time.The simulation process include die filling time,filling pressure and speed,torrent of molten alloy during injection,holdup time etc.By simulation,we can reduce potential production risk maximumly.Our engineer will put little allowance for raw casting to reduce machining cost and save cost for customers.However,to get high precision parts,machining is necessary process.We have 3-axis,4-axis machining center,which can guarantee tight tolerance for final product.

To compare with manifold block made by extrude aluminum,such as 6061,our die casting manifold block can achieve more complex geometary and save much more cost for end customers, For volume production,We can get raw casting within 20-40seconds via high die casting,while it will take much more time on machining for extrude aluminum.To get integrated and high quality customized hydraulic manifold block,please send inquiry to us and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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