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weiheng die casting

About Us

Your trusted aluminum die casting supplier

Weiheng die casting have been supplying die casting parts to wide range of industries for 20 years.All of our aluminum die casting parts are wildly used in automobile,telecommunication,medical etc. 

We provide all required secondary operation,such as machining, painting, plating and assembly.our customer do not worry about any extra performing after receiving cargoes.

With our professional working team and excellent management,we are really pride on providing die casting parts at competitive price.

ONE-STOP Service

Weiheng cast always provide “Drawing to parts” service on huge range of product.Simply come to us with your concept or drawing and we will let them become final product you want.We can assist you with the design, tooling, manufacture of part and if necessary, provide special packing or assembly.

Tooling Design

Weiheng cast has in-house tooling design and making capability.With our professional engineers,we can eliminate any potential problems and provide you with the highest quality molds.Those molds can be used to create superior and efficient die castings.

Engineering Capability

Weiheng cast Engineering department is available to help with your product design and getting your production running.

We will be your partner in designing the product to meet your requirements and to optimize for manufacturing.

Our engineering department use solidworks,unigraphics,pro/engineer,cad/cam,moldflow software.That will minimum tooling and products defect in all aspects.


Weiheng cast provides professional technical and operating staff that possess significant experience in engineering design,die casting equipment operation, tooling making,fabricating intricate products from ferrous and nonferrous materials,castings and sourcing hard-to-find materials and services.

Weiheng cast operate a range of aluminum die casting machines ranging from 300 Ton to 800Ton.We can also provide full secondary processing equipment.

Low cost and Value Added Process

Our excellent supply chain management really reduce costs by saving time and money.We provide machining, many types of finishing, including plating and powder coating.We can also provide special packaging or assemble product ready for use on your production line.

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